donation round 1 Components

Fire Grates

Gamma Ray Testing of Boiler ☐ 

Smokebox Material ☑ 

Grit Blasting of Flues

 Rivets for New Smokebox ☑ 

 Blast Nozzle ☑ 

 Plate to Cover Oil Burner Holes ☑ 
☑ = Component Funded                   ☐ = Component Not Funded


This week we received 85 fresh 20mm by 3 1/2” rivets for 520’s smokebox. The purchase of these rivets was only made possible through generous donations. Thanks to EJ Hadaway 

  for the manufacture. 

Stay tuned for our Round 2 donation drive and special merchandise release in the coming days. Keep the donations coming!


4/11/2021 was a significant day in the restoration of steam locomotive 520. 

For the first time since the mid 1950's 520's boiler was lifted from its chassis. It was then moved inside and placed on stands, ready for work to begin on the smokebox and various other parts of the boiler. 

A big thanks to our generous donors, who helped fund the cost of the craneage. 
Thanks also to our volunteers who helped on the day, as well as Load 28 for the crane work. 

Keep the donations coming, contributions of any amount are vital to the continuity of this project. Stay tuned for the release of more donatable items soon. 


520 Smokebox - A brand new smokebox has been rolled from 10mm steel plate, with a liner plate of 16mm steel for the floor. This smokebox is just under 3m long and 2m in diameter. It will be delivered to Mt Barker in the next few days. 

Thanks to Stuart Bowes for his work to make this part of the project a reality, we are very impressed with the outcome so far. Thanks to Broons Group, Ferrocut and MG Engineering for the work.

Servicing of components has continued, one example of this is 520’s main steam manifold, a complex casting with six valves and seats. It has been crack tested, all valve glands have been re packed, all threads, sealing rings and faces have been inspected. 

Work has also begun to fit new electrical conduit and wiring to the tender. 

We are now less than two weeks away from lifting off 520’s boiler, as preparations have now been finalised for this lift as well as others on the day.  

We will be releasing two more facets of the project to donors shortly, tender electrical fitout, as well as smokebox install and riveting. 

Keep the donations coming, exciting news to come over the next fortnight.

World record holder Jordan "BIGGIE" Steffens!

A "BIG" achievement! 

Photograph by Dean Kyritsis

september 2021 Update

Thank you to all our generous donors who’ve contributed over the past few weeks, because of you we have been able to move forward with some of our major tasks, each task complete is a step closer to having 520 operational again.

All completely funded tasks have been followed up.
Tasks completed since last update include:

- Four oil burner holes have been fully weld prepped
- Four oil burner plates have been profile cut, slash ground and delivered to us (Funded by donations)
- Blast nozzle pattern has been cross checked for correct sizings and sent away for alteration and subsequent casting of blast nozzle (Funded by donations)
- Thirty boiler flues have been sent away for grit blasting, they will be inspected for condition upon return (Funded by donations)
- Preliminary discussions around quotes for round two of our fundraising drive are ongoing.
- Boiler lift has been planned and quoted, keep an eye out for this significant step in the near future.

We still have a few items left to fund from Round 1 of our fundraising drive, any donations are valued, no matter how small.

AUGUST 2021 Update

Work completed since June update includes: 


- Disconnecting boiler barrel from frame saddles 

- Total stripping of the backhead boiler fittings complete 

- Total removal of cab fittings complete 

- Hole cut in cab floor for access to rear firebox saddle 

- Removal of all fire grates and damper doors 

- Disconnection of front and rear firebox saddles 

- Disconnection of the cab from the boiler and rear running boards 

- Disconnection of ashpan from boiler 

- Removal of old oil burner tubing and dressing up of the holes in readiness for plate replacement 

- Removal of Ashpan door cylinder 


The boiler is now ready to be lifted from the frames, this will be the first time the boiler has been removed in preservation. 


Keep the donations coming for even faster progress. 

June 2021 Update

- Removal of steam pipes between header and steam chests.
- Removal of blast nozzle and blast pipe.
- Total removal of all injector pipes, air piping and electrical conduit under running boards.
- Removal of 30 boiler flues and over 100 boiler tubes.
- Drilling and oxy cutting out all bolts retaining smokebox to steam chests.
- Removal of some running board sections
- Sending of clothing and valance sections for blasting and painting. 
- Servicing of air compressor lubricator, steam turbine generator, air compressor governor, release cocks, firehole doors, power reversing gear and many more items. 

march 2021 update

Work on 520 has centred around removing boiler fittings and smokebox details. All backhead fittings have been removed, along with steam manifolds, safety valves, sand box, whistle box, and whistle assembly, clack valve manifold, turbo exhaust, sanders and lots of smaller pieces. 

The smokebox doors, funnel, and blast nozzle have been removed, all smokebox baffles have been taken out pieces by piece. 

Work will now begin thickness testing the entire boiler including smokebox, to determine the scope of work required, along with removing the last of the boiler fittings. 


Hi All,
Firstly, a big thank you to all of our generous donors!

Secondly, it's been a long time coming, but 520's brand new tender has arrived back at Mt Barker Depot, and is back on it's refurbished bogies.

Mechanical Services Manager, Craig Dunstan, had the following to say:

"A fantastic day today as we welcome 520’s tender back home to Mt Barker. Nestling back inside for the first time in over 20 years and back on its bogies. The rear draft gear was installed upon arrival allowing a first shunt movement into the depot workshop. Soon to take its place back behind the engine.

Thanks to Huntington Engineering at Mt Compass for the build, Avocet Consulting for bringing the design ideas to CAD, Traeger’s of Goolwa for the classic “MACK” transport (love the sound of air start) and Load 28 for the crane work.

We are all very fortunate enough to have had Dean Harvey donate the funds and offer to fund the outsourcing of the new build. It’s just a shame he didn’t get the opportunity to see his donation towards his beloved 520 reach its completion. He was thankful to have been part of the project. In Dean’s honour we will all enjoy travelling behind the loco for decades to come with his legacy to remain."

Lots of work to go, to get the loco back up and running, but this is a major step forward.

Keep those donations flowing!

520 Restoration Team